Municipal Court


The Municipal Court provides citizens fair, efficient, and courteous judicial processing of citations.

Municipal Court handles all Class C misdemeanors, traffic violations, parking citations, and non-traffic offenses relating to Animal Control issues, Zoning and City Ordinance violations, and Code Enforcement.

Important Information

  • The Vernon Municipal Court does not provide or give legal advice.
  • A telephone call does not constitute an appearance.
  • Continuances are not granted by telephone.
  • Please wait 5 days from the date of Citation / Offense before contacting Vernon Municipal Court by phone or in person.
  • If you decide to appear in person, your appearance should not be made before two business days after receiving your citation as this allows the Court time to process the citation and make it available when you appear at the Court.
  • To make a credit card payment by telephone call 940.552.2058