Establishing Service


In order to establish service, the City of Vernon requires the following:

  • Customers are required to come to the Utility Billing Office to establish service. If the customer has a current, active account with the City of Vernon and is requesting a transfer of service, you can call City Hall at 940-552-2581.
  • Customers are asked to fill out the New Residential Application and provide a Drivers License or picture ID and a Social Security Card.
  • Before any customer may have water, sewer, or sanitation service from the City, a minimum deposit of $100 shall be made for residential service. If the customer can demonstrate good utility credit, the deposit shall be waived.
    • For multi-family dwelling, commercial, and industrial service, a sum equal to three times the average monthly billing shall be deposited. If the customer can demonstrate good utility credit, the deposit shall be waived.
    • Good utility credit is demonstrated by presentation of a letter or other documentation from a municipal, gas, or electric utility indicating that the customer has had utility service for the preceding 12 months and has not missed a payment due date during that period.

Turning on Water Service

To turn on your water service, someone must be home. We realize that this may be inconvenient, but a faucet may have been left on and water damage could occur.

If you are confident that no water has been left on, you can sign a Release to Turn Water On Form, and no one will have to be at the residence. This form releases Utilities from all responsibility for any damage done by running water.

Trash Pick-Up Service

The City of Vernon contracts with IESI for all trash services in the City. Complete schedule of rates and regulations can be found through the Solid Waste (Trash) Disposal Services.