Water Department

Water Production and Distribution System 

The City of Vernon receives its water from wells out of the Seymour Aquifer. The well fields are located in Northern Wilbarger County (the Odell and Winston Farm wells), in west Vernon (the Schmoker wells) and in south Vernon (Orbison Park wells, used only as an emergency supply).

Chlorine is injected into the water for disinfecting purposes. The amount of chlorine residual in the water is tightly controlled to meet the TCEQ standards, and to keep the chlorine residual at lower safer concentrations, which are less likely to cause long-term chronic health effects.

The treated / disinfected water is then pumped from ground-level storage tanks to the distribution system, through two elevated storage tanks designed primarily for maintaining an adequate level of pressure throughout the more than 90 miles of underground water mains that deliver the water safely to your home or business.