Department of Tourism & Main Street Services

The Department of Tourism and Main Street Services administers several programs and projects that strengthen Vernon's local economy through attraction of tourists and business visitors, through preservation and restoration of buildings in Vernon's central business district, and through marketing and promotion of community events and local businesses.

Some of the activities of this department are undertaken directly by department staff, but most are undertaken by providing funding support to local businesses, property owners, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies, all of whom share our departmental goal of attracting visitors, restoring our downtown district, and strengthening our local economy.

Tourism and Visitor Services Division:
Supports programs, projects and events that attract visitors to Vernon who will stay overnight in local hotels, shop in local stores, eat in local restaurants and/or otherwise put money into the local economy.

Main Street and Downtown Improvement Division:
Supports programs, projects, and events that preserve and restore Vernon's commercial buildings, that promote our local merchants, and that support business recruitment, retention and expansion.

Main Street Board Members
Jamie Chapman - Chairman
Cooper Alexander
Mindi Flynn
Benny King
Courtney Araiza

Tourism Board Members
Gary Branin - Hotel & City Representative
Charles McArthur - City Representative
Mary Taylor Craighead - City Representative
Criquett Scott Chapman - County Representative
Gradie Studdard - County Representative