Chief's Welcome

Chief's Welcome

I would like to welcome you, on behalf of all the members of the Vernon Fire/EMS Department, to our section of the City of Vernon’s website. Thank you for your interest in our department of 24 career and 12 Reserve (volunteer) Firefighter/EMTs who protect and serve a population of 14,550 in Vernon and Wilbarger County. The members of our department strive to provide quality fire and EMS services to our neighbors. If you have any questions about our department please call us at 940-553-1782.


Kade Long

Chief's Bio

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Chiefs of the Department

The following list of Chiefs spans from 1892 until the present:

James Turner 1892-1923
J.D. Huntley 1923-1945
W.L. Wallace 1945-1948
L.L. (Sparky) Howell 1948-1958
Joe Donges 1958-1983
Glenn Kinnibrugh February 1983 - July 1983
Charles Stewart July 1983 - September 2008
Kent Smead October 2008 - May 2015
Kade Long  May 2015 - September 2015